About Aureumaex Metal

The division of Aureumaex Metal is specially set-up to establish a new corporate image reflective of its evolution into a total one-stop
manufacturing solution provider.
For more than 30 years in the market, Aureumaex Metal have, for some time , transitioned beyond our heritage business as a metal
stamper. We are now at the forefront of providing a complete solution to customers for a wide range of industries that shape the
landscape of technology.
Aureumaex Metal will further enhance its capabilities and expand its end-market segments.
With the combined force from Aureumaex Plastic, Aureumaex Metal believe that it will give customers convenience and benefit to
manage the products at one location in term of cost, quality and speed.

Products Showcase

Aureumaex Metal provides an extensive array of products from retail, banking, printing, aerospace, textile, automotive, agricultural, construction to medical industries. It will not stop Aureumaex Metal to continually penetrate into other segments of industry. Aureumaex Metal is not only providing physical products to its customers in their global supply chain needs but also offering them with unique solutions for all of their stamping, metal fabrication and assembly needs globally.

Strong Customer Base

Aureumaex Metal have strong customer base which the excellent business relationship and mutual understanding have been
established with them for more than 20 years. Besides delivering good quality and cost-effective products to its customers, Aureumaex
Metal also provides full support and value-added solution to them who always satisfied.
Aureumaex Metal will continue to keep an eye on acquiring new customers time and time again so that the number of customers keeps
on steadily growing.
Aureumaex Metal cannot succeed without customers as they are an integral and inseparable part of its business.

We can make your product happen!

Aureumaex Group

Aureumaex Group is one of key portfolio of Proventeus Capital Partners Limited, who is an established South East Asian based private equity firm.

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