Guidelines of Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety Requirements

The guidelines of environmental, occupational health and safety requirements are implemented in Aureumaex (S) Pte Ltd (hereafter, AIS).

As a responsible supplier/contractor, AIS encourage them to implement the below mentioned general guidelines in their organizations and strictly follow it once they enter the premises of AIS.

  1. Waste Minimization / Conservation of Natural Resources
    1. Recycle packing materials and papers as many times as possible.
    2. Encourage a paper-less system by increasing the use of computer software and e-mail correspondence.
    3. Turn off vehicle engine during loading/unloading activity to reduce exhaust fumes emission.
    4. Switch off all electrical tooling, machines or apparatus when not in use.
    5. Ensure that all equipment, pipe and storage tank are in proper condition with no leakage.
    6. Minimize water usage during daily activity.
  2. Chemical / Waste Control
    1. Chemical suppliers must comply with classification, packaging and labeling requirements.
    2. SDS (Safety Data Sheet) must be readily available upon request (in English or National language) and valid for 5 years. Any updated version must be issued to us accordingly.
    3. Personnel delivering or handling chemicals must be trained in handling emergency situation such as chemical spillage or fire.
    4. Proper personal protection equipment (PPE) must be worn when dealing with hazardous chemicals, including carrying construction and repair works in AIS premises.
    5. Chemical must be safely packed and stored in designated area to prevent spillage during handling and storage. Any major spillage occurs (during in-transit to AIS), the handler must inform AIS.
    6. Disposal of scheduled waste must be controlled effectively to prevent any kind of pollution or impact to environmental and human.
    7. No direct discharge of any form of effluent into the open drainage or storm drain or to the sewage system.
  3. Operation Control
    1. Supplier/Contractor vehicles entering AIS shall ensure that there is no oil leakage.
    2. Product/Item delivered must be in good condition without damage/dent, leakage, or exposure.
    3. Supplier/Contractor carrying out work within AIS must ensure that proper safety and good housekeeping after work completion.
    4. Supplier/Contractor must observe to smoke at designated area and dispose cigarette butt in a safe manner at appropriate waste bin provided.
    5. Supplier/Contractor must comply to Work Safety and Health Act & its subsidy legislations and requirements when the work.
    6. Supplier/Contractor must perform works in safe and considerate manner and responsible for incidents / penalty incurred by the workers during work.
    7. Supplier/Contractor must responsible and bring back on any waste generated at the premises of AIS.

Version 1.0, 20 November 2017

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