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AI believe that metal and plastic are two key components in the manufacturing of all products. With our extensive range of manufacturing facilities, we are capable to integrate both metal and plastic parts into a complete one-stop product to customers.  It gives you convenience and benefit to manage your products at one location with lower cost, better quality and faster turnaround time. 

Generally, our one-stop products can be illustrated in the followings:

Generally, our one-stop products can be illustrated in the followings:

We provide various options of processes to customers who can decide to choose and integrate your products in satisfying a wide range of engineering and design needs.  Each of our manufacturing processes, either in core or secondary processes, embeds our technical know-how, state-of-the-art facilities and strong support of our business partners.  Thereafter, we are confident and capable to manufacture, produce and add value on any new product given.  

Most importantly, from your conceptual idea and design we make your products happen.

Type of Products

Our old and existing products for diverse industries include, but are not limited by the below:

  • Customized tool and die
  • Completed final products at end-user level for:
    • Air curtain
    • Stylus pen for iPad or tablets
    • Foot scanner for insole
  • Precision metal, plastic and sub-assembled components for:
    • Point-of-sales (POS) system
    • Automated teller machine (ATM)
    • Electronic kiosk terminal
    • Textile machinery
    • Security unit
    • Printer, scanner, notebook, computer and server
    • Consumer product
    • Weighing machine
    • Medical equipment
    • Construction equipment
    • Photo-copying machine
    • Wastebin
    • Rotor and stator plate
    • Automotive spare part
    • Bicycle spare part
    • Aerospace spare part
  • Stamping of printed circuit board (PCB)

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Aureumaex Group is one of key portfolio of Proventeus Capital Partners Limited, who is an established South East Asian based private equity firm.

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